creating a basic watercolor palette

My palette is designed to go with me in my kayak, in the forest, on the beach or in my studio. It's pretty basic but there are colors I could do without...I keep them because they are beautiful. My palette is on my mind because I am setting up a palette for a friend who is new to watercolor.  I want colors to feel fun as she is learning the language so I'm paring her's down to 13 colors. Essentially I decided to go with a warm and cool of the primary colors with a few extras...


Cad. Yellow light, cad. yellow, raw sienna, Transparent red iron oxide, cad. orange, cad red light, Quin. red, alizeron crimson, quin. violet, ultra marine blue, pthalo blue, pthalo green, permanent green light


I think I could have made it even more basic without the greens but it's nice to have them around. 

The paint is made by M. Graham & Co. paint which I order form Cheap Joe's Art Stuff. I love that they use honey to suspend the paint so they never dry into a hard lump.