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The MISSISSIPPI PALETTE POSTER is an Earth Colors design collection created with color samples collected from the natural areas I explore around Mississippi.

  • Digitally printed on high quality linen blend paper
  • Carefully packaged in a corrugated shipping carton - ready to wrap!
  • Works great with UPCYCLED POSTER HANGER (shown, but not included)

The original image for this print started in the forest or swamp with natural materials collected and rubbed into watercolor paper along with notes about the species and habitat. 

The colors are scanned from my sketchbooks while the colors are fresh with notes about the source. 

The designs also include the shapes of plants and animals who are a part of the natural systems where the colors are samples. 

The circles form a grid which are both eye candy and a symbol of the iconic characters in Southern habitats...a sort of ecological connect the dots.

Prints feature the shapes of native plants and animals including:

Yellow-billed Cuckoo, Zebra Swallowtail, Paw Paw, Red-eye Vireo, Sphinx Moth, Virginia Creeper Vine, Ruby-throated Hummingbird, Trumpet Creeper Vine, Mosquito Fish, Rough Green Snake, Leopard Frog, Cardinal Flower

Original artworks created using Earth Colors: all natural mineral and organic pigments

Why not sell the originals?

Because organic colors quickly fade in light and air, the originals are completely altered and faded in a short amount of time. Digital prints allow me to preserve the ephemeral beauty and integrity of the colors.

Pigments for the the mineral colors (dirt, mud, clay, silt, oxides, carbon) are light fast but the organic colors (flower petals, leaves, berries, nuts, fungus) are not.

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