I realized years ago that I felt most at home in nature.  Creating was my way to slow down, connect, and pay attention to what was unfolding around me.  

The language of nature began to speak to me early on…beetle trails in dead trees…duckweed floating on swamp water…mayapples unfolding from their speckled sheath...and I learned to listen closely. Sketching and painting natural phenomena satisfies me greatly.  And yet, I have found the sharing nature and helping people attune their eyes to this living language is something I am compelled to do.  

I simply enjoy teaching and the creative process.  So, let me be your guide. 

workshop services to organizations and groups:

I have been working with groups of all ages and backgrounds in wild and urban settings since 1999. Though I love wildlife refuges and nature trails for workshops, I believe “wild” is everywhere. Learning to see and be aware of it is one of the core teachings of the creative space that I host for participants. 

As a teacher I consider myself a coach and guide for art making and feeling at ease in the wild. I have worked with groups of all kinds and sizes in public school classrooms, National Wildlife Refuges, Audubon Centers, Art Museums, Universities, Art Centers, At-Risk teen programs, garden clubs, botanical gardens, education conferences, private studios and so on... 

Contact me at robinwhitfieldstudio@gmail.com to discuss and customize a workshop to fit your needs.

You can find me in the Mississippi Arts Commission Roster where there are grants available to pay 50% of cost  http://www.arts.state.ms.us/artist-roster/artist-roster.php

For more information about scheduled workshops, please visit the Events Page

workshop categories:


  • beginner or experienced. Classroom or adventure in the field (on foot or kayak) 
  • focus on SEEING using color and shape relationships to describe and express
  • exercises: mixing colors directly on paper, composing without using a pencil, drawing with color shapes and building the composition around the original intent
  • refining a minimal and portable set-up for the field (or kayak)
  • 1, 2 or 3 day format


What is earth color?  colors found in the wild. Colors may come from mud, leaves, berries, flower petals, mushrooms, charcoal or mineral deposits.

Earth Color workshops are for artists and nature lovers. They offer experience with hunting, gathering, refining and using found color to draw and paint on watercolor paper. Both scientific and poetic, this process will expand ideas about ecology, natural areas, art materials and composition. This is a process oriented workshop. Prepare to get your hands dirty!

  • for all ages and experience levels
  • half day, full day or 2 day format


  • for all ages and experience levels
  • meditation and awareness activities for the outdoors (campus, garden, trail, natural area)
  • focus on techniques with pencil, pen, watercolor and earthcolor 
  • creative exercises and prompts for exploration including observational drawing, tracing, rubbing and printing 
  • deepen awareness of biodiversity and natural communities
  • half day or full day format


  • for groups of all ages and sizes
  • Projects include murals and or temporary installations 
  • full day or up to two weeks format